Sisters Panties

My sister was in college and gone most of the time. She left a bin full of her panties, consisting of mostly thongs. When I had the whole house to myself I liked to go to my sisters room. I would ***** down to nothing and open the container and pull out one of the smallest pairs and pull them on so my **** is covered and the back of the G-string is pulled tight against my butt. This got me so hot that my **** was throbbing. By this time I'm was so horny, I could barely hold it in. I would take it slow at first just playing with myself, then I would take it faster pulling down the front and pulling my **** out of the side of the thong. I then used my saliva to lube up my **** and my hands go to town. Doing more thrusting with my hips I get faster and faster until I can't hold it anymore, I would pull the front of the thong over my penis and it makes me *** so hard my ***** shoots through the front of the thong and on to my chest. Check out our profile for more about us.
pantiescouple pantiescouple
Mar 23, 2011