How I Met My Man

I was still married and at a neighborhood pool party.  As I sat on the side of the pool talking to my friends, I noticed him in the water.  His back was to me and he had tatoos on his upper arms.  I was intrigued because none of my friends' husbands have tatoos.  Who is that guy?  The more I watched, I realized which kids he was playing with and they were the host's kids.  I realized he must be a family member.  Damn, he was hot!

The host introduced us later that night and said he was a handyman and was in town for just a few days and offered his services if we needed anything done.  We had just had a huge leak upstairs and needed some work done, so he came over the next day.  I was sweating and stumbling over my words.  He ended up doing more jobs for us occasionally over the next year and I was still undeniably attracted to him.

Once my marriage ended, I knew he was the first person I wanted to date.  It worked out so well, that now he's living with me!

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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

Whoa! Congrats. Good for you.