Best Party of My Life So Far

we met at a house party. June 19, 2004. i knew his roomate from the club i went to, but i had never seen him till that night.  he didn't really catch my eye at first, as i was there to have a good time and drink and dance and just hang out with my friends. well, towards the end of the night there were fights breakin out and my best friend left me to take some guy home, and everyone else was too trashed to drive. so a bunch of people ended up staying the night, and i was really scared, but then i saw a girl i knew talkin with my now bf and they came up to me and offered to take me home in the morning.  well, long story short, me and him ended up staying up all night watching movies on the couch and talking while everyone slept off their drunkeness. he took me home in the morning and asked for my number, and we have been together ever since

danetty757 danetty757
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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

Lovely story.Sitting all night and talking and doing nothing.good.