The Time I Enjoyed Best

it started in 8 th grade when the person i loved want to go to schools as she had been born not how she had been forced to live in the past

we were sitting in a big resteraunt eatting dinner and talking about summer coming up in just a week and we knew it was going to be busy with summer school and work as the person i loved said she wanted to try summer school as a girl her mother and grandmother started to say some thing as i spoke up and said we would find away

and we did the first 2 weeks were pretty crazy fo us a she learned to be a girl to walk and talk and to stand and sit as a young lady plus we had to set up a new station and i got my driver lisnse so i could drive then and of course we had to go by a new car

they only things other kids rememmber about the first day of summer shcool as the couple that came dressed alike we had matching out fits on her skirt matcher her family kilt which i wore that first day and it set a standard for the rest of high school the first dat we always dressed alike

other then a few bullies none ever missed her male counter part that we told all had went to live with his father and his twin was staying here
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
May 13, 2012