Found At The Swimming Pool

I was around 13 and found a pair of wonder woman panties at the pool.  They were laying at the bottom and I swam down and grabbed them.  I have no idea if anybody saw me or not but I didnt think so at the time.  Afterwards I snuck them home and started wearing them a couple of days later.  I really enjoyed wearing them until one day I was wearing loose shorts and my mom noticed the color showing down the legs of my shorts.  She asked me what I was wearing and I ran out of the room, quickly took them off and hid them.  Just a moment later my sister came trying to find out what I was wearing.  It just so happened that a pair of colored shorts were also in the room and I told her that I had been wearing them.  I went on to explain that I ran out of the room because I was embarrased that I had been wearing two pairs of shorts.  I dont know if they believed me but nothing was ever mentioned again.  I got rid of those panties the next day and never wore panties around the house again until I was an adult.

Missundrstood Missundrstood
41-45, M
Mar 13, 2010