The First Time I Put On My Mother's Lingerie

I had started to play with my mom's make up when I was about ten years old. I would look in her fashion magazines and try to duplicate how the models did their eyes and lips. I would do this when I got home from school and my mom was still at work. I didn't have any sisters so all I had to experiment with was my mom's things.  She would hand was her lingerie and then hang them up to dry along the shower curtain rod. One day when I was twelve, I had finished making up my eyes and just couldn't resist.  My mom had hung up some things to dry in the bathroom and it seemed like such a natural thing to want to try them on.  First I slipped into a pair of her panties. They weren't real sexy but they were black with a thin band of lace along the waist.  They were made of a silky nylon material and they felt nice against my skin. Then I put on one of her bras. It was very feminine. It had cups that were satin on the bottom and lace on the top edge. I stuffed the bra with my socks and then felt them as I looked in the mirror. At this point I was extremely aroused. Then I saw a black half slip that also had a lacey edge. As I put it on I could feel how how smooth and slinky it was over the panties. I remember thinking that this is what it must feel like to be a girl, all surrounded by lace and satin.  I looked in the mirror again and imagined that I was a girl getting dressed to go to school.  Staring at the mirror and thinkg about what to wear. Should I put on a pleated plaid skirt and a blouse with puffy sleeves and a bow around my neck or a pretty dress with a lace edge on the collar and a satin sash around my waist? A girl has so many things to think about and so many pretty things to wear. There was one thing I knew for sure, I would someday wear all the feminine things I loved and let everyone see the woman I was inside.
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Diana Lynn I to can remainder the first time I wear my mother’s nylon stocking and how wonderful they make me feel.