There Were Really Two...

The first one directly involved me, the other really didn't.

When I recieved my first standing ovation after a dramatic, not comedic performance. I was used to be applauded for comedy, but when they stood and applauded when I did 12 Angry Men, just for me... That was really special.

The other one was the Steelers 2005 Super Bowl win. I had never seen us win a superbowl in my lifetime, and it's what really got me through alot of bad times by remembering how cool it was to witness us win one, and witness this long proud but depressed city finally have something to celebrate.

Those were my happiest moments.

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13 Responses Dec 27, 2007

Nice. Especially the one about the standing ovation for a performance. 12 angry men demands great acting talent, as there is so little real action to carry it. The whole thing is in the ability to act.

That is awesome. And a great story to read! Thanks for sharing.

I was Juror #3

Well, few to get one that's not famous. I've only ever seen one, and that was the one for me. That includes every show I've ever seen or been in.

Aha, so you are one of the few to get one. Good on you!

Just once. They are very rare. Most performers get them only if they're very famous or give an acting tour de force. They don't happen often.

How mant times have you had them?

It's something most actors only dream about. When they applaud it's wonderful, but when they stand and applaud, that's something that goes beyond words. I wouldn't trade that moment for all the money in the world.

Wow, must be awesome to get a standing ovation. I remember being in a karaoke contest back hoe. About 100 people there, not many. But the applause felt fantastic. I can nly imagine a standing ovation.

lol... Well, the crew has a much harder job. That's all I have to say, lol.

I actually prefred the stage crew,lol.. Last year I ended up being stage manager for a show on campus, that was hard lol.

lol... They're rare. I never could do stage crew... It required actual work, lol.

cool on the standing ovation, I sue to do drama and never had one of those! lol.. but I was usually on the stage crew., hiding in the back.