Wow, It's Been Over 10 Years . . .

I remember that day also . . . sitting in class in the afternoon, the teacher turns on the radio, and we all gather around.  What's going to happen?  Will OJ get off?


The trial had been going on for months.  Every night, my parents would watch the KNBC recaps of the day's events, as hosted by legal expert Manny Medrano (how the hell do I remember that?).  What did Marcia Clark wear?  Who did Judge Ito admonish?  What craziness did we get out of Johnnie Cochran?

They announced the verdict.  People were cheering and yelling.  Middle school kids, I'm sure most of us didn't fully comprehend the details of the case and what was going on, but we all felt like we were experiencing something momentous.

And here we are, a decade later, and this is one news topic that just doesn't seem to ever go away . . .
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1 Response Nov 21, 2006

I remember that day! I was in college and actually on my way to my mom's office (she teaches college english) to meet her for lunch and on all the televisions in the hall they had the OJ verdict going. Now it's engrained ino our pop culture history. Crazy, eh?