No Justice, No.........justice

I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I took the day off from work!  I had followed the story since the slow speed Bronco chase on the L.A. freeways, and I felt like an alternate juror.  Since the race card got played, and then the cops were sto stupid that they let a racist like Mark Fuhrman handle the evidence, I was afraid that the jury's verdict would be affected by all of that.......and it was.  I still get angry about it (and that's why it never goes away, padrenel), but he had his day in court, and the jury's verdict must stand.  For weeks at work, there were heated arguments over the jury, I was a part of that for sure, but we all kept our heads.  I remember another case in California that decade, the Rodney King beating trial of the racist pig cops that beat him, where they got off because of a racially motivated (rich white people) jury.  L.A. EXPLODED into riots, and it was too ugly for words.  I'm really glad that we all kept our heads after the O.J. verdict.  We all have our opinons, we all disagree (hell, my own father thought O.J. was innocent), but we all have peace over it.  Maybe we can learn from our mistakes, after all.
atmore atmore
46-50, M
Nov 21, 2006