I had followed the whole thing from the news breaking that Nicole & Goldman had been murdered to the verdict.  When word got around the verdict would be announced that afternoon, the administrators left it up to the teachers as to whether they would allow their students to watch the verdict be handed down.  Knowing I would be in Geometry at the time and my teacher, I had already resigned myself to the fact my class wouldn't be seeing it.  Surprisingly, though, she turned on the TV's we had for Channel1 news and flipped it to a local affiliate.  When the verdict was announced, we all sat there, STUNNED.  I believed him guilty from the beginning, the low speed chase, etc., it was all highly suspicious behaviour for someone who claimed innocence.  I'll never forget that day, it firmly implanted in my mind just how crooked the American justice system is.
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Yes, it is obvious the Man was guilty. I talked to several black people I know and one told me straight up she knows he was guilty but there are too many black people in jail already.

LOL. I hope you understand that is ONE persons opinion and one single black person does not represent us all.

yeah, i agree that the system is crooked and fixed. look at how many KKK members commited murder and never had charges filed against them until 30+ years later when they were old men on their deathbeds. i do believe justice delayed is justice denied.

Yeah, the average joe wouldn't have stood a chance of walking....becasue they would have been found GUILTY!<br />
<br />
(Hey, did anybody notice the 'edit' on the footage of the jury foreperson reading the verdict in the courtroom that day? I clearly recall her stuttering or stumbling over her pronunciation of the name 'Orenthal', but in the playbacks I heard during this anniversary, her pronunciation was flawless. Maybe I was watching Fox news. Oh, well.)

Sigh. I guess being rich AND famous does have its perks!!