5th Grade Gambling

Yeah, I remember the OJ verdict. I was living in Orange, CA at the time with my Mom. I attended a small mexican-catholic elementary school called La Purisima. Our teacher, Mrs. Aeillo, let us listen to the verdict on the radio during class. She did this mainly out of necessity because we were all so excited we wouldn't sit still till after we listened to it. I bet my friend Sean who sat next to me $3 that he would be guilty. Who would have thought that from such an early age I would be able to say I bet on a man's life...and lost. Lol Call me what you will... but it was fun. Fortunately, I never had to pay that bed. Sean blabbed his mouth too loudly and was caught making numerous bets with other people on the case. Detention called...he answered. end of story.
Judah Judah
22-25, M
May 6, 2007