The Whole Incident Was Mishandled From The Beginning

The evidence was handled poorly but most ly because of all the wide spread sensationalism by the media. It was really just another murder case that would have been brought to trial and given a fair verdict. As it was, you had the prosecution and defense played to the camera. The jury selection was such that it was already favored the defendent. The verdict proved that.Another thing that was laughable was when the prosecutor claimed the gloves found at the scene were OJ, they had him wear latex gloves so as not to contaminate the inside of the glove for potential evidence. Rediculous! Of course he gloves didn't fit. He had latex gloves on. I work with Latex gloves and they make gloves put over them mo
re snug. That why they didn't fit. The morons didn't even take that into account. The whole trial was treated like a circus. No wonder he walked.
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5 Responses Nov 28, 2012

The police work was appalling - they missed critical evidence that could have exonerated the defendant or made the case a slam-dunk. They mishandled the evidence they did collect. While the case may have resulted in a guilty verdict had it not been played out under the spotlight of the media, that just raises more questions: would it have been the correct verdict, and how many people have been convicted based on similar, very sloppy, evidence? How safe are those convictions?

Despite the lack of jusrtice in the case, it did bring to light many frailties in the investigation that had national repercussions.

agreed,a classic example of a media circus. far too many lawyers in this world,if you ask me.

Your right to a point. That shoddy police work wouldn't have been caught if it were a lesser profile case. However, there was enough evidence to convict him if the prosecuters had done a better job and the jury wasn't rigged the way they were selected.For all the notoriety those lawyers got on both sides, I sure wouldn't want them to defend me.

plus alot of shoddy police work,don't forget that.