Mental Illness?

I purchased "If i did it", after the guilty verdict was made in las vegas. this was so the goldmunds can get some money, and not simpson. then, read the book in one night, and now i am studying it, to cull out the psychological profile of this man.When he was breaking up with his first wife, there is no mention of fights, what is written is that she was silent instead. this is the only way to deal with oj and remain safe, not to argue with him, because he is a supercontroller, and wants his way all the time, at least this is obvious when he deals with females. he did not even speak to his dad for ten years, so he holds on to anger for years. he also has an explosive temper, and strikes out with violent reactions, physically, like the bat and ball, when he damaged nicoles car, like the subliminal type of thing by chipping his "dead" golf balls into his neighbors yard. see, i notice that in the story he tells, he still tries to give the image of how is is so real, when he is being less then honest by omission. for example, the story of how he needed to go to lake arrowhead to reflect on his upcoming divorce to the first wife. at the date of the anniversary, that is. the truth is that he went there to go golfing. and this is only based on my theory of the real man, i have no facts or evidence to back this up, but it is logic. and what did he do first, was to buy the wife he was divorcing an anniversary gift, expensive earrings, a few minutes later, he sees Nicole, for the first time, and now she was the next one in his sights. so he is up there golfing in arrowhead, with his lovely parting gift for number one, already chose the next in the type of man he is, he tries to mislead the reader of his goodness, and he his ex wife, he wasn't honest with her, and he is flirting already with another. the rules for him were not the rules for the females, of course. females were something for his benefit, in his view. there is something else, though, the pregnancy of the first wife, this, indeed would have been on his mind when he was in arrowhead doing the golfing. does anyone know how this infant ended up drowning in the pool at rockingham, and is this what did happen? it was strange that oj did not elaborate about this, as even unwanted, to him, the loss of a baby is quite traumatic to the normal human being, and i wonder if simpson was around when the baby died. who knows about this?The day that the murders happened, at the recital, when simpson went out to buy the flowers, he mentions that these recitals go on a long time, and his anger at the way nicole was dressed, maybe he went to get more then flowers, i haven't figured it out yet, what he was doing besides this, but it is obvious that he was starting to make some kind of plan of revenge at this point, which is one of the true reasons that he did not go to dinner with the people after the recital. he was hungry, that is why he went to macdonalds later, but he had something else to do, i theorize. why? because, he could have sent someone to get the flowers for him, during the recital. by leaving, he took a chance of missing his daughter play for him, also it is rude to leave during the course of the performances. and he says he was dozing off. i do not agree. because he was angry about the skirt that nicole was wearing, and also his pride, that he couldn't bring his girlfriend, and this was another anger to him , because of nicole, he would think, he couldn't do what he wanted to do. this made him mad, like when nicole wouldn't want to leave the house with the first baby, and that got him angry. he was more likely just closing his eyes at the recital to plan what he was going to do , since his anger was growing in him like a volcano about to go off.even when simpson writes about his dad's death from cancer in the hospital, and how oj went to call nicole and when oj went back into his dad's room, his dad was dead. it is sort of like oj is angry with nicole for taking those extra moments away from him. gee, what about the ten years, oj did not speak to his dad? of course, oj does not see that . now, besides his jealously and rules for him, being different for his girls, oj shows that he was stalking nicole when he mentions watching her through the window with another man. as nicole is concerned, she was very young and inexperienced when they hooked up. for eight years she stayed with him, prior to marriage to him. so she did not know how to handle him better, for example, not having fixed the back gate. or her not having anyone to help her see the facts of who she was with and how to protect herself. she knew he was dangerous, after he kicked in the back door, why did she not put iron gate doors over her doors? or realize that she had to make changes to protect herself, and the kids? the first time that oj took the bat to the car, said all that was needed. terrible shame of it all, and as for the cap and gloves, that oj said was in the bronco already. i think it is a lie, he took all that stuff from the house and put it in the bronco as i think he planned to do during the recital when he said he was dozing. what i really think is that there was no guy named charlie, who brought the knife. the killing was premeditated i think, and the gloves and mask, for when oj was going to hide in the bushes to sneak up and kill her. i think oj had it all timed out to where he would not have been late for the limo, this is shown when he writes of how his schedule is full and timed out. but what threw the entire plan off and why he made up that conversation he did not , i think , really have with ron, since i think he just attacked ron, who was ambushed, actually, and tried to fight back, is that anger he shows by speaking judy's name, because it was her fault that she left the glasses and now ron shows up and throws off the timing, that oj counted on to be ready on time to leave for chicago.and oj hates ron immediately, since he is a man, and oj is possesive and jealous of any man with nicole. as for nicole having discussed the other men on the phone with oj and asking his opinion she did not realize that all she was doing was putting fuel on the fire , she did not understand how to deal with what he was really thinking and how he collected in his head all the angers, and saved them up. why didn't oj kill the dog when the animal started to howl, though? was he freaked out by all the blood, or was it the timing or was it because he cared about the dog? no, the dog was unimportant, and yet, he did not want this wailing, so maybe, the dog was another thing that was not included in the original plan. overlooked, like the socks. i also think that oj took his clothes off and put them in a bag before he washed off in the swimming pool before taken a shower upstairs in the house. but that is just a guess. the socks upstairs could have fallen from the clothes he got rid of. because he mentions always hanging up his clothes, and he is a neat type, he wasn't the type to leave his stuff all over, like socks on the floor, i think, the socks were a mistake, since his timing had been messed up. another thing that was probably ironic to oj was that nicole told him to get rid of kato, and he did not, now that he bumped into the airconditioner, he had another unplanned problem to explain, and kato to deal with. i bet oj considered that.but neither kato nor nicole realized the real reason that oj was ok with kato living in the guest house. kato was a watchdog, for the property when oj wasn't there. also , he could do the errands, and stuff. for this he had a place to live. nicole did not see that, and maybe oj did not tell her, because then he may have to start giving kato some money.the bloody clothes and the knife, if these weren't dumped in the airport, which i am kind of in a doubt about, because it could have been direct evidence, depending on when the bodies were found, etc. maybe oj took this stuff to chicago and got rid of it there. just another theory.

bettygoodbody bettygoodbody
Oct 6, 2008