So Many Tragedies

I remember the Challenger and the Columbia accidents.

When the Challenger went down I was in my US history class in high school. It was a Tuesday afternoon, the day of the week that we always caught up on current events and wrote a summary of them. We were sitting there watching the television and the newscaster came on with a "Special Alert" and they announced the accident.   I believe this was January 28, 1986.

I was off from work the day the Columbia accident happened. It was in February 2003, and being the NASA fan that I am I watched almost every launch on television and sometimes in person. I was always fascinated with the shuttle program.  I was watching it on television with my soda in hand when it blew up. 

Although I knew no one personally that was aboard those flights I wept openly for them and the families of the victims just as I did on 9/11. Those are things that I do not think I will ever forget as long as I live. 
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Oh yes

I think that it is something that all Americans and many non Americans will remember forever.

We had a TV where I worked. When the Challenger exploded..OMG..We all froze in front of the set. Most of us had our hands over our mouths, in order t hold back the gasp.What a shock. Horrible & we couldn't believe what we were viewing. I can still see the pieces seperating & falling to earth..tragic, tragic.