So Many Tragedies

I remember the Challenger and the Columbia accidents.

When the Challenger went down I was in my US history class in high school. It was a Tuesday afternoon, the day of the week that we always caught up on current events and wrote a summary of them. We were sitting there watching the television and the newscaster came on with a "Special Alert" and they announced the accident.   I believe this was January 28, 1986.

I was off from work the day the Columbia accident happened. It was in February 2003, and being the NASA fan that I am I watched almost every launch on television and sometimes in person. I was always fascinated with the shuttle program.  I was watching it on television with my soda in hand when it blew up. 

Although I knew no one personally that was aboard those flights I wept openly for them and the families of the victims just as I did on 9/11. Those are things that I do not think I will ever forget as long as I live. 
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Oh yes

It was an appalling tragedy. I also remember the President's moving tribute to those who died and their families.

I think that it is something that all Americans and many non Americans will remember forever.

We had a TV where I worked. When the Challenger exploded..OMG..We all froze in front of the set. Most of us had our hands over our mouths, in order t hold back the gasp.What a shock. Horrible & we couldn't believe what we were viewing. I can still see the pieces seperating & falling to earth..tragic, tragic.

Oh my gosh, FG!! I remember this incident in 86 - it's burned in my memory. A group of us were in Las Vegas. I had left the black-jack tables for roulette to try to better my luck. I sat there carefree, drink in hand, smoking a ciggy (I no longer smoke), putting my chips on the board, chatting with the dealer and other players.

Then the tv came on with the special report. My jaw dropped open and I was in shock. I don't know why, but I was terribly affected by the accident and was very upset. I couldn't tear my eyes from the tv, couldn't believe what had just happened - that those astronauts had lost their lives so tragically. I wanted to cry.

I left the table and stood in the casino near a tv, mesmerized and traumatized by what I was seeing and hearing. My ex-hub and others in our party couldn't have cared less and they thought I was taking it much too hard.

9/11 is another event that is burned into my memory. I think for me, both were equally traumatic.

There have been many tragic accidents that did not affect me as this one did. I'm still not sure why this one affected me so deeply.