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The Tawse/the Strap/the Belt

The tawse was an implement used for coporal punishment (educational discipline) in Scottish schools. It consisted of a ***** of leather, with one end split into two tails. Many Scottish saddlers made tawses for local schoolmasters. It was referred to as either the strap or the belt.
Scottish state schools used the tawse to punish pupils of either gender on the palm of the outstretched hand. Pupils were usually instructed to hold out one hand, palm uppermost, supported by the other hand below, which made it difficult to move the hand away during the infliction of the strokes. It also ensured that the full force of each stroke was taken by the hand being strapped. The punishment was usually inflicted by the class teacher in front of the class, to act as a deterrent to others.
In 1976 two parents, Mrs Grace Campbell and Mrs Jane Cosans, raised an action in the European Court of Human Rights objecting to their sons being subjected to corporal punishment at school. The court heard the case and, in February 1982, found in favour of the mothers, instructing that the use of corporal punishment in UK schools be ended.
The use of the strap in state schools was phased out at varying times in different local authority areas from 1983 onwards and was finally banned in all state schools from the autumn term of 1987.
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Apart from Scotch whiskey the tawse was the finest thing to come out of Scotland it is a pity it was ever abolished along with the rest of teachers' rights with regard to the use of corporal punishment.

Were you ever whacked across the backside with the strap or spanked in any other way?

That wasn't permitted under Scottish Educational Regulations. Only on the hands. The only permitted form of corporal punishment.