20 Bulletts...

That is what murderd the one boy i liked and was getting close to in high school.
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the day i came out of a coma after being shoor down in viet name to learn my wife was killed the next day and out mother took her own life thinking boththe kids she ahd brought up were dead

My dad was over there for four tours and has only told me little parts of what went on. Sorry about your wife and mother. You are sure a trooper to survive all that

the day the young lady i was going to marry on about 3 weeks was kidnapped by her ex then killed in texas<br />
his family gave him the money to charter a plane from where we were to ancorage then to texas<br />
<br />
they found her in his trunk 3 or 4 days after he was in a car acciedent and killed 2 other while he had been drinking<br />
<br />
i went to visit him in the hospital and i say the fear inhis eye as i walked inthe door but did nothing i could thimk of no better way for him to die then trapped in a body that no loger worked <br />
he lived about 3 years but bed sores and infection killed him

I dont like to be mean normally but he deserved to have some suffering. Sorry you lost your love