Cancer Sucks!!

 i remember the day very well!!i was off work for the day,and i had planned to go watch my local soccer team with my dad that night,and kick off was 7:45,and my dad usually got home from his work between 6 or 6:30 depending on traffic!!!but this night he was late,and it came to 7:00pm and i said to my mom "when dad comes home, and comes down to the game, tell him im standing in our usual spot"!!!i always went to watch my local soccer team with my dad,and he was a fan from way before i was even born,and he hardly ever missed a game (apart from when we emigrated to south africa for 20 yrs)which made it even more worrying that he hadnt made it home on time!! i remember standing at the game,waiting for my dad to come,but there was no sign of him,so i thought "he must have got kept back at work,and didnt think it would be worth it coming to the game now"!!!after the game, i went home,and as i was walking up the road, the flat where we stayed was visible,and i could see my dad standing at the living room window,looking down at me,as if he had something to tell me,and i could just feel that something wasnt right!!!then once i got in, i went into the lounge,and my dad was standing there, my mom was sitting on the sofa crying!!! my dad then said to me "sit down for a minute, i have something to tell you!!" so i sat down!!he then told me "i have just got back from seeing the specialist, he called me in urgently, and he informed me that i have been diagnosed with skin cancer, and its terminal!! i dont know how much longer i have left, but i need to go back in the morning, and he will go through all that with me" as he tried hard not to cry!! from that moment, my world just fell apart!! i felt dead inside, my heart just started to ache really bad, my mind was just a blur and a great sadness just overcame me, as all the memories i have of him just came flooding back to me, all from when i was a little kid, right up until then!!! that was the worst day of my life!!! the day my dad passed away also comes pretty close to being the worst, but by that time, the sadness was mixed with a kind of relief, knowing that he was no longer suffering!! i still miss him dearly, and i still love him!!! 

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yes, both our heartaches were in the same month of the same year!!! times like these are so sad its unbelievable!!!! and yes, they do hurt very bad indeed!!! (((hugs)))

Oh my! Both of our heartaches not only the same year but the same month. I am so sorry hon. My parents are both gone and each hurt very bad. Very BIG HUGS to you !!!!!

im sorry for your loss too!! 22 years is a long time, especially nowadays!! my mom and dad were together for i think it was 28 or 29 years!! and my dad passed away in may 2006 too!! it was 7th may2006 when my dad passed away!!! it was just so hard seeing my dad get weaker and weeker every day!!! but i guess we just have to remember that life goes on, no matter how difficult it is to accept!!! (((hugs)))

I am so sorry for your loss. :( My worst day was a death also. My morning started out like any other. Got up and got my husband off to work. Same morning routines. My husband always called me on his breaks, which he had. He had called me on his 10a break and was to call back at 12p. At 11:45a the phone rang and it was his boss telling me that he had extremely bad news that my husband had died suddenly at work. The hospital then called and told me that his heart had "exploded" and even if he had been "in" the hospital that nothing could have been done. Dr said there was no way he could have known it was coming and died instantly. An ordinary morning turned into the worst day of my life and our son's. That was May 2006 and it STILL seems like yesterday. 22 years of marriage