My Double

Have you ever heard it said that everyone has a double? A twin they've never known?  Well, I had the great fortune of "meeting" mine.

In 1975, on Clark A.B. in the Philippines, there lived a gal who looked exactly like me.  Not that I thought so, but a lot of other people I knew were convinced that she looked EXACTLY like me.  To the point that one day, my husband tackled her in a field on base between the post office and the bowling center.  It wasn't until he had taken her down and seen the fear in her eyes that he realized it was not "me".  When he got home that night, he told me all about her, and about how I just HAD to see her for myself.  At the time, I was convinced my husband was in the habit of tackling girls for one reason or another, so I decided I DID want to see her for myself.

One league night in the bowling center, I saw her.  And it shocked me....Yes, she looked just like me.  And not in a good way!  All the flaws I saw in myself I saw in her immediately.  I found out her name was "Vicki".  I had to meet her for myself. 

She was at the desk, waiting to rent a pair of shoes.  I wandered up and introduced myself, trying to explain the reasons for my wanting to meet her.  She turned around, looked at me, and appeared as shocked as I did the first time I saw her!!  And she was obviously not impressed!!   She grabbed her shoes and off she went without a word!!  Stuck up *****!!  Then I had to laugh.  How many people have said that about me? 

I resolved at that point to never harbor any bad feelings about Vicki.  I've thought of her periodically since that time, and thought about how she was doing.  And Vicki, if my image was burned into your brain as yours was in mine, I wish only the best for you.  I hope that through the years you have not had to struggle with your weight.  I hope that you were blessed with 3 beautiful children like I was, and I hope you've had all the adventures in life that I've had.  And I wish you a long and wonderful life.

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Wow. That seems like it would feel like an episode of The Twilight Zone.