Scared Me Silly When I Was In 8th Grade

Today is the 30 year anniversary of the Three Mile Island disaster at the nuclear power plant. I was on Long Island but Pennsylvania was too close for comfort when this happened. The disaster was narrowly averted from complete catastrophe. I remember the No Nukes Concert with everyone from Jackson Browne to Bruce Springsteen after the accident. As an indirect result, no new nuke plants have been built in America since then but that doesn't alleviate the concern I have about safe storage of nuclear waste at nuke plants from which America receives 20% of their electricity. The perpetual safe storage is an impossibility. There is far too much room for human error and complacency in habit.

I also remember Chernobyl and to this day nothing grows for many, many miles around that site. Many people died as a result of that accident, either directly or after suffering for years from the effects. Europe saw the fallout spread over hundreds and hundreds of miles. The Chernobyl disaster was what could have happened at Three Mile Island. I am not a journalist and feel no draw toward explaining what happened in either event. You're free to research either one yourself if you don't have the memory of it happening.

I fully endorse, support and desire clean, renewable, alternative energy but have never for a moment even considered nuclear energy as one of those alternatives. Not even as a good idea. The sunshine on America's Southwest region in less than 1 hour each day, if efficiently collected and distributed, could supply enough power to all of America's homes. Daily. Wind is another completely clean and abundant resource in need of efficient collection and distribution. These concepts negate all coal, nuclear or petroleum based energy. No more pollution. Imagine that!

Many other countries utilize renewable energy sources for a great portion if not all their power. Why haven't we caught up? I know exactly why but am weary of expressing my political views on EP because of the ignorant opposition and arguments going off topic in the comment thread. Irrelevant at this point anyway. America is finally going in that cleaner direction but the timetable is skewed far from what can be achieved if the industry is just pushed to get there sooner. I don't want to wait till 2030, 2020 or even 2012 to achieve a mere 30% of our energy from renewables. I want to see this accelerated and pushed forward in a hurry. Not to mention, I am awaiting the employment in the green career areas. Screw bi-partisan hold-ups in congress. Get the movement moving now!


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nuclear waste: hm?
it's been talked somewhere about it, sort of from '92-'99 there were stories about it

I totally agree, nuclear power is not the answer, nor should it be a consideration. The alternatives are already here. We just need to implement them. You are also correct about time. We need to make the changes now,not by 2050. Keep up the good fight.