My Childhood Is Retro?

Dealing with children (10-11 year olds) each day, I find their take on life can bring such great joy because they speak what they think.

Very recently, I needed to phone a parent and asked the student for the best way to reach Mom. The student had this reply, "Well, my mom's cell phone isn't working, so you'll have to call her on the retro phone." I asked her what a "retro" phone was and she stated, "You know, the kind that you can't carry with you. It is really old and my mom is thinking about getting rid of it."

I smile thinking back on this conversation, but at the time was slightly taken aback. Retro? Retro? When did my childhood become retro?
SoftBlooms SoftBlooms
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2 Responses Jun 10, 2012

My own kids enjoy teasing me about being "old". With that in mind, the term, "retro" seems kinder!

LOL. I guess I should see the glass as half full! ;)

They are fun, funny, and clever. It is the best grade to teach! They still like their teachers and learning, yet they are beginning to understand the world!