I was about 6 and was really excited. I was dressed head to toe in my replica football ***** and riding in my grandad's car. There were many, many people in the city all dressed like us. We had to drive slowly through the city center because there were so many people.

We got parked and he took my hand, we walked towards the stadium. He taught me basic songs and chants along the way and I thought it was amazing fun. We joined a massive queue to get in, but grandad already had the tickets so we smoothly walked in. Along some wide corridors and out towards the seats. There were thousands upon thousands of people, all shouting, chanting, singing and waving. I was in awe. Grandad picked me up and walked us up the steps, higher and higher.

We got to our seats in the family pit and sat down. Grandad pointed at all the players warming up and telling me who they were and what they did. I remember him talking about one of them with the name Brock and him explaining that a brock is a baby badger.

The game started and the stadium got even louder! Drums were banging, horns were tooting and songs were being sung. Grandad had his own running comentary for me interspursed with exclamations of "pass it!" Or "shoot!". He sat me on his knee and held me tight.

We were doing well and scored before half time I think. Everyone was buzzing. I needed to pee so grandad took me to the toilets but there were too many people and it scared me. Grandad lifted me under my armpits and stood me infront of a urinal and pulled my shorts down to my ankles, telling me to "go" in a stressed voice. I couldn't concentrate and I think I didn't manage it. Grandad took me back up to my seat before the second half.

Again the buzz went on and grandad and I joined in on the songs he taught me. We won hands down, we were very happy. I think it was 5-0.

It was a scrush to leave so he picked me up and put me on his shoulders. I enjoyed that. Back out towards the car. I was really hot and saw that lots of men had taken their shirts off and I asked grandad if I could. Soon enough I was just in my little shorts walking along.

I got a bit desperate to pee again and told grandad. He said we had to wait, we carried on to the car. An old friend of grandad's spotted him and started talking to him. He winked at me and ruffled my hair. I remember him having a worn but smiling face, a woodbine hung out his mouth. I got more desperate and thought I would go behind this bin but grandad wouldn't let go of my hand and kept telling me to "wait".

Unfortunately I couldn't. Grandad broke off his conversation saying something like "lets get you home" when he realised what I had done. At the car he gave me my shirt back then took my shorts and underwear off completely. He lifted me into the car and we were off home.

Outside his house he told me if I could run in quick and get up the stairs, he would make sure grandma didn't find out.

He opened the door and I was quick as a flash up those stairs. Unfortunately grandma was already up there. I confessed all and heard grandad coming up the stairs as I finished. He told her he would sort me out and led me in the bathroom. He handed my shirt to grandma and undid my shoes and gave them and my socks to her as well.

He ran me a bath and I got in. I remember him asking me about the day, and talking about how he had enjoyed it also. He washed me while talking and joking with me.

Dried and in nothing but a towel he took me down stairs again and into the living room. He sat on the floor by the fire (a favouite spot for him) and I beside him. We ate our tea watching TV.

I don't remember any more than that, I think I fell asleep. But I really enjoyed that day and love that memory.

I miss my grandad. X.
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What a lovely story. I have only just come across it. Every time you talk about your grandad and grandma I see more why you love them. They loved you too and I can see from what you write and how that you were their cherished boy, their delight.

Yes I miss them very much.