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Loved To Wear Sister's Panties And Bras

I must have been about 12 that summer when my freind and I started sucking each others ****. I was a great feeling but one day I saw my older sisters bra and panties on the bathroom floor and yes I just had to try them on. my friend carl and I had started with the usual young boy's experience of looking thru playboy and penthouse mags that got us hard and then we moved on to JO each other and to the real joy of **** sucking. But when I saw sis' panty and bras it made me wonder what those girls in playboy felt like in those sexy panty and bras. I locked the bath door and pulled on the panties and bras. It felt great and I recall getting so hard that it was throbbing! I must have spent an hour in the bath room just looking how great it was to wear the panties and bras. In the next weeks i found her little girdle and panty hose in the dirty clothes hamper and had more thrills. I moved on from just the bath room to wearing all these panty, bras and hose under my levies when I had my morning paper route. It was early morning so I saw few others but it was a great feeling wearing sis' clothes every morning. this lasted about a month and then I knew I had to tell Carl this great feeling. We met in our private club tree house one afternoon and started our usual mag reading - well picture looking. I told carl i had a secret for him that day and then took off my clothes to show him my panties, bra, and hose. He was stunned at first and the ask to rub my **** thru the bra and my **** thru the panties and hose. we were both so hard and I started sucking him. then he exploded in my mouth and i didn't know what had happen. carl said it was *** and to suck him dry. I did and enjoyed the taste. Carl them pulled my hard **** from my panties and sucked on me. Carl said he really like me in the bra and panties and wanted to try them too. He also had a older sister (16) and we dressed all that summer and met for our privating **** sucking fun in that tree house. It was great wearing sister's clothes and **** sucking with carl but his family moved that fall and I lost my best friend. I never found a close **** sucking guy like Carl but continued to wear sis' clothes and enjoy the CD trill still today. and it all started with sis' panties and bra on the bathroom floor!
robbi95 robbi95 46-50, M 15 Responses Dec 31, 2010

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I am playing with my sick then I drink my *** everydrop I I can prove it

I like to where them

i had a friend just like that i sure do miss those days

I was approx 10 yrs old when i first wore my older sisters panties, this continued into my teens and would ofter have some amazing wanks wearing her school uniform, with bras, panties and my personal fav stockings and suspenders. Still try and dress as often as possible but can't but those teenage days.

Hey please read aunt Jane and the sleepover by great12345678910

mmmm im 13 and i wear my sisters underwear mm i wish i was carl i would love to suck ur **** and if theres any boys on here ask and ill give u my number soo one of u older guys can rape me mmm

The first time I wore panties were my sisters to but didn't have friend like that coz I'm not like that but I was about 10 when I first snuck into my sisters panty drawer. The felt so nice and soft. Have now been wearing ladies underwear for six years. Great story

The first time I wore panties were my sisters. While she was not home I snuck into her room and went to her panty drawer, almost possessed by my desire for panties. I opened that special drawer and pulled out a pair of white satin bikini panties. They smelled nice and looked super girly. I slowly pulled them up and once I had them on, it was a perfect fit. I looked down in utter pleasure as the soft fabric encased my bulging member. "Oh...ohhhh..ohh" I gasped as I pushed my bulge around.

I started with my sisters clothes also, but never had a friend like that .

Im wearing my sisters clothes right now , loved your story

That was a great story. Loved it. Reminded me so much of wearing my sister's stuff too.

I was also fascinated by my sisters panties and bras. What a thrill it was wearing them every day,,,even sitting beside her at the dinner table,,,with her not knowing what i had on. As we got older , and her lingerie bacame sexier I was constantly raiding her drawers for her silkie lace treasures.

When I was a kid I would sometimes steal my sisters panties and wear them. One time she caught me but promised never to tell our folks about it. When Christmas came around, the present my sister gave me was none other than a box full of girl's panties! What was so ******* embarrasing was that the entire family would open our presents together so the whole family saw what I had gotten. They all started laughing as soon as they saw the panties. I remember my father saying something like "I knew you were weird, but I didn't think you were that weird!" I got so ******* mad that I cursed everyone out which made my father really angry--so angry that I ended up getting a bare-butt spanking with his belt. Some Christmas that was!

at 11 is when i started jo and sucking with a friend and shortly after i got the same urge and started with sisters panties and bras then stocking, girdles and such. always so hard when doing it.

What a lovely story robbi95! That must have been one thrilling summer that you had with Carl! Thanx for sharing!