WOW Down Memory Lane

Remember when gas cost .60 and bread was .25.

Soda was .50 in a glass bottle big 16oz, miss that taste.

Peanuts and Pepsi cost a buck it is almost 3 dollars now.

Tootsie rolls and bazooka Joe gum was a penny.

Fuel was always leaded. 

If you could spend 150.00 for groceries for a month now it doesn't last a week.

Everybody had the same 4 TV channels cable didn't exist much less satellite.

Sunday dinners was standard and not the exception.

Miss those days.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Life seemed easier, people gave each other a break, the word that you gave to someone over a handshake was as good as it needed for people, some where that has been lost, where did it go? Who knows.

I miss those days as well but not just for the lower prices. Life just seemed simpler.