Sheer Bliss

I can remember vividly when it all began,i guess i was three or four,and the usual story,i felt differant from the other boys i knew.
I wanted to be a girl,not just the clothes,the whole shooting match!
Well needless to say at every oppotunity i was in my sisters room in secret wearing her clothes.
I was caught dozens of times,but as my parents have said since they just thought it was a phase i was going through,and as it was harmless didn't rebuke me.
Anyway the years went past and senior school approached,this was back in the 70's and all the girls had to wear skirts then.
So, it wasn't long before i was wearing my sisters school uniform.
Stepping into her grey pleated school skirt,pulling it up and pulling the zip up and fastening the button.
Just walking around seeing the pleats of my skirt sway gently,the feel of them on my legs SHEER BLISS!.
I have been hooked on pleated skirts ever since,and own many; long,short,box or knife pleated
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me too, me too! We are so much alike. I just love the pleated skirts. I too have a large collection of them, mostly short, but some of various lengths. Mostly wool. Some plaid and some different colors - blue, gray, brown, pink. Getting a new pleated skirt and putting it on for the first time is sooooo exciting.

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Interesting experience...

i have loved pleated skirts for over 50 years the way they hang shape in fact they turn me on i am a straight man of 60 polyester all round pleats i like blue black or white ,dont like plaids only soft fabrics wow give me more

There is something about pleats; I love skirts with a plain yoke and generous pleats starting at ***** level.