It Was The Best Evening Of My Life

I was lucky. I had been deeply in love with Shawn for four years, and I had told him I wanted to give myself to him. He promised me that when we got the chance, he wanted to take my virginity.

It was March 19th, 2011. I was just a month or so shy of my seventeenth birthday, and today was finally the day where I would be with the man I loved. I hadn't seen him since December 12th of the previous year, and even getting to see him was a treat in itself. My friend Lindsey had told my parents that we were going shopping, and for a good portion of the afternoon, that was what we did. Afterward, we drove to Shawn's apartment that he shared with his mother, who was out for the evening.

I stepped out of the car, and there he was. My angel. I suddenly was very nervous. But he came over and scooped me into a hug, and all doubts and insecurities melted away. Lindsey bid us goodbye, and I followed my love into the cool apartment.

We sat on the couch for a while, just cuddling. I rested my head on his shoulder, taking in his scent and sighing deeply. He took my chin in his hand, turned my face to his, and kissed me gently.

The feelings I experienced when I was kissing him were indescribable. One word that could describe one of those feelings was peace. I felt completely safe when I was with him, and it felt as if we were the only ones on that entire earth. It was just him and I at that moment.

Suddenly, things shifted. He began to kiss me a bit more urgently, and pulled me to him. I responded wholeheartedly and allowed his gentle hands to wander my soft body. Soon he was backed against the armrest of the couch, and he picked me up. "It will be more comfortable on my bed." he said. I allowed him to lead me to his bed, where he laid me down as gently as he could, as if I was a porcelain doll that would break if he jostled it too much. He climbed on top of my body, kissing me tenderly and caressing my chest with gentle gestures.

Things progressed greatly over the course of an hour. My skirt was askew, my shirt was hiked up my torso, his jeans were unbuttoned and working their way down his waist. Soon, he pushed my skirt up around my waist and pulled my panties down my legs, slowly and gently. He laid them on the floor beside the bed, then took the condom he had sitting on his nightstand and opened it, carefully putting it on, then he looked at me. "Are you ready?" he asked softly.

Up until then, I had been slightly nervous. I knew that it would most likely hurt, and part of me wondered if I really was ready. But when he asked me that question, I realized that I WAS ready. I hadn't been until that very moment. But at that moment I knew that if I was giving my virginity to him, and only him, I was ready.

I nodded to him. "If it's you I am giving it to, then I will always be ready." I said to him, reaching up to stroke his cheek. He smiled, then slowly leaned down to gently kiss me. As he did so, I felt him begin to gently push himself into my body.

There was pain, and I squirmed and cried out a bit. "Shhh, it's okay, love. I've got you." he said, kissing me again. After a few minutes, the pain slowly subsided as he pushed his full length into me. I was surprised, and I must have shown it because he asked me if I was okay. "Yes," I replied. "The pain is gone."

He smiled and began to move into me. It was uncomfortable to an extent, but also felt wonderful as well. All too soon, Lindsey was back to pick me up. We both sighed, and he began to get up.

It suddenly hit me. I placed my hands on either side of my head. "I just lost my virginity." I said in disbelief. He smiled, then leaned over and kissed me. "You lost it to someone who cares for you deeply. Don't fret." he said. I smiled back, and he took my hands, helping me up from the bed.

I pulled my coat on, picked up my purse, and he pulled me to him, kissing me gently. We walked out to the parking lot and put my things in Lindsey's car, where she was waiting for me. Before I could step in the car, Shawn pulled me to him one last time, kissing me passionately. "I love you." I said to him softly. "I love you more, Ami." he said.

I closed the car door, and the car sprang to life. Lindsey began to pull out of the parking lot slowly. As we began to drive away, I looked back and saw him watching me from the porch. I smiled, and he smiled. I turned back to the road ahead, smiling to myself and recapping the day's events in my mind. I looked up, and the sky burned orange, yellow and pink. Never before had I seen such a beautiful sunset.
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Nice story and narrated very neat.... Double like for ur story......