Lost Virginity To My Cousin

I had two of my cousins (girls) visit my family for a few days during the summer. They were 17 as was I. I organised a bomb fire at the beach one night and sneaked some beers which we drank. I don't know how it started but we flirted a lot the 3 of us. When we made it back to the house they came to my room. And we started kissing all 3, this was a complete first for me and I could not believe it was happening. Long story short, I went down on one them while I fingered the other, that was amazing! They also kissed at the same time. But when I changed to eat my other cousins ***** and finger the one I was eating before something happened which made her leave (the one I gave oral first). So it was me and Liz in my room, half naked an super horny. I started to dry hump her and kiss like crazy. I don't know how but my **** got out of my boxers and slipped into her ***** straight away, it was the most amazing feeling! And that is how I lost my virginity.

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Nov 26, 2012