The First Time....losing My Virginity

In the Fall of my senior year of high school I gave up on the on again-off again 2-year flirtation I'd had with my first love Jayme. She was the hot, blonde, and "artsy" girl at an otherwise pretty vanilla rural high school....she was a real beauty with big breasts who excelled at theater and making me crazy. Melissa, meanwhile, had been the "girl next door" who had longed for me for about three years. Pretty but not stunning. Also with big breasts (it must have been in the Virginia water) but oh so innocent....on track for class valedictorian which she would later capture. She'd been raised poor by her Grandmother after a tragic violent episode in her family...all the teachers loved her and they hated it when the class clown and jock moved in on sweet Melissa. I had definite feelings of guilt because i KNEW i wouldn't grow to love her even though we were only 16. That Fall i used to take Melissa out in my mother's Ford Taurus station wagon. We lived on 8 acres set back from the state highway on a long winding hillside road....just inside our entrance there was a meadow that you could pull far up and I was convinced it was the perfect spot to work on deflowering my valedictorian because you couldn't actually see the car unless you pulled into our private property and my parents were older and always "in for the night". As each encounter progressed I grew bolder....Melissa wore tight jeans and i would unbutton them and fight my hand across her soft bush to that tight wet mound. Her "must" was unmistakable on my fingers that first few times....we were both virgins but I had come very close to ******* several years earlier and knew what i was doing. Soon our encounters involved me stripping her jeans off as well as my own and crawling into the passenger seat which was perfect when reclined for some serious grinding. Before long i was coaching Melissa through ******** and sticking 2-3 fingers deep inside her wet 17 year old *****. She used to moan and arch her back and i was already doing something at that age that i LOVE to do with my conquests now....whispering filthy things in her ear telling her she needed to be my **** and take me deep inside. Her ******** got better and deeper....less teeth and closer to climax but i could never ***. Finally, the night arrived where i knew Melissa must be deflowered....the precum was dripping from my 7 inch **** (see pics on my profile!) and i whispered to her that i just wanted to touch the opening....Melissa was scared.....her eyes were wide with fear and with passion. I sucked her big milky white **** and kissed down her stomach but that natural must brought me back up from her mound to kissing her tummy. My favorite memory is pulling her white thighs just a little farther forward in that passenger seat than i ever had before so that i could roll her hips back and spread her legs wider than our other grinding sessions. As the tip of my glistening **** met her quivering lips i felt that warm sensation of her vaginal canal opening just a bit more for the first time....i remember her whispering "no blake....we caaaaa" and then as i made that initial penetration she surrendered to me.....our bodies bucking together wildly as i became the first **** ever to own this all american girl and valedictorian's tight wet *****. I put Melissa's legs on my shoulders and took her deep as she clutched my shoulders with a wild look in her eyes. As i came i not only pulled out but i maneuvered up to spray *** all over her 36DD ****. I held her briefly but then, I'm embarrassed to say, got impatient and after quickly dressing began to drive her home while she was still wiping *** off her big **** and pulling those tight jeans back on....I rolled the window down on the drive and loved the feeling of the cool air rushing over me after I'd just ****** Melissa.....we hadn't "made love" and I think she'd agree if you asked her today that "*******" was just fine that night in the station wagon. I ****** Melissa about 4 nights per week for the rest of the Senior Year before i went to university in Colorado and she in Virginia and we grew apart. I only found out several years later from several girlfriends that the spot inside our fenceline that i thought was obscured from the state highway actually allowed headlights to glint off the station wagon through the bare winter hedgerow.....the whole school knew i was ******* the valedictorian goody girl Melissa at the end of that meadow! that
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