I Remember Everything..

 - i wrote another story here..when we met.. bg helped me a lot .. i remember when we are at hospital -different hospitals of course but was pming me ,making jokes too , everytime i would write a story on my phone i would send him and he would say i should write children stories . i remember one time we catched a bad guy -thats what i wrote in my diary ,someone on ep that wasn good person and he  said bravo to me .i felt proud and good.. good team.. i remember the day my ep dad said that bg was angel.. i sent bg a pm to say ''bg u there'' ? i wanted that to be a lie ..i went to the bathroom and kept crying.. i remember everything.. he said im his family,like his daughter.. i had a story which i didn see bg commented on -he left a comment with a story ''footsteps in the sand '' ,was like he wanted to give me a sign he was there.. and i know he is ..always..

i remember he was talking to me about anorexia ,i should be careful ..he told me also bout models ..he was talking to me bout god..one time he wrote with big letters something n i said ''did i make u angry''? but he wasnt angry.. he told me about the gratitude journals and i made one thanks to him ,a big paper with everyones name on -like an ep family tree ,he was asking me if i finished it but i didn coz many friends..i told him i put glitter on and he said it sounds beautiful. many things i remember..

i guess big guy must be smiling when i think of the hospital when we said we had same nurse heh.. and also when we catched the bad guy heh..

u r always the best bg*

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he was and is good person marji..<br />
yeah never forget ,is our angel.

yeah..<br />
thinking that we catched a bad guy makes me smile..