Choice I Made Once


First of all filling my diapers has never been fun it was just something that happened, but then again I have never seen myself as a baby. My choice would be to be a young boy about 8 or 9.   Now on to the question, as a child I wore diapers most of the time, home and to school. One day in the 6 th or 7 th grade, I remember it was a hot day and the diaper was driving me up a wall so at the last break I took it off and put it in my bag with just the regular ware on . I did not see any problem with it as only had one more hour of school then the walk home. And all went fine in school, I thought about using the rest room at school but wanted to get home, as no one would be there, as my sister was sick and at my aunts house so my mother and father would be late getting home and I could just relax. I made it the first few streets towards home and turned on the last really long street till my street when I felt like I had to pee really bad, and being a kid the reasoning to try and fill my pants to release the pressure made sense to me, as no one would know I had dirty pants on but all would have seen the wetness in y pants if I peed, so as I walked I start to try and fill my pants a little to release the pressure but not a lot of luck trying to walk and fill my pants at the same time, after a few block I was able to push a little into the seat of my pants and it seemed to help.. I felt funny to be walking home with a small load in my pants, it felt really naught to do to I was think I wonder what would happen if my mother caught me doing on purpose, but it did not matter I was always accused of doing it that way any way, I made it home and had be able to push a little more in to the seat of my pants, the baby sitter was out in her yard when I got home and I yelled over I had home work to do, I never thought of her wanting to check my pants like she was suppose to do when I got home,   think she was just use to me being wet anyway, wonder what she would have said if she knew I was slow  filling them, as I was yelling at her, it seemed now that nature wanted to take it own course, so I walked fast to the door and opened it and then closed it. I thought why not just give it one more push to see what would happen, so I stood there and spread my legs a little and gave it one more small push, and it all started to come out in my under pants then I lost all control and was standing there watching in a mirror as I filled them and wet them at the same time, to me it was way better then the times I had filled my diapers in the past when I got done I went in and got something to eat and a pepsi and went and set down on the thing off the patio we had in the house so my sister could lay down and watch tv, I I sat there I had to pee more so I just let it all out on the pad on the couch and kept trying to fill my pants some more and rubbed my bottom all around it just felt different, Stayed like that about 90 mn then decides I had better get cleaned up so I went in to my mother and dad room and got in the shower clothing and all and took a shower figure I could wash it out better that way it was sort of fun pushing it against my bottom as I used soap and warm water on it after the water was running clear I took off my pants and stuff and washed my skin then got a clean diaper on and pined it sort of right then took all the wet stuff and put it in the washer and washed it and then d into the dryer I got it all out and into my room just a few min before they got home, and of course got yelled at for being wet again.   That was  just one of many time I did it as a kid, some I look back on and think how did I get away with it, one Sunday night my mother and father were in the house watching tv and I was out in the garage working on a radio I was building when I felt the need to fill my pants so I took a bunch of the blue towels we used to use on car windows and put them in my pants, and went back to work on the radio, a while later I was soldering some wires when I decide what the H and give my bowels a little push as I was sitting there and pushed a small load in to the seat of my pants [no diaper on it was on the washer]. As I worked I slow build up a load in my pants and on my bottom, when my mother called out for me to come out side for a min,   I was not sure what to do I knew I was in trouble for taking my diapers off again, as I walked out iwas trying to think of a reason to have done what I did, as she was standing at the patio door I ask her what she needed she ask if I was wet and I told her yes, and she told me she was tired on me peeing in my pants on purpose and did not know what she was going to do with me at 10 years old I should know better, then she told me to take a bath before bed, that her and may dad were going to bed now and I had one more hour till I had to come in and get my bath, I said ok then back into the garage again so she would not see the back of my pants and the way they were shaped, after I got back in there and heard the door close I did the best I could to clean myself up that took almost the rest of the hour then hide the stuff in the rafters till morning then walked very carefully in to the house as not to wake them up, I would be hard to explain why my diapers were dry and not wet like I had told her and I hope she would not see I had different jeans on, got my bath and put on a clean diaper and my pj and walked in the the kitchen when my mother stopped me to make sure I had my night pants on right, and told me not to drink much and to head for bed, got a bottle of Pepsi and head off to my room turned the tv on and laid down on my bed with the radio on too drinking the Pepsi and thinking about what i had just done and gotten away with as I slowly rubbed the front of my diapers, till I made a wet spot in them and just gave it one more push and was able to fill them a little more as mother walked in to my room and yelled at me for the radio and tv being to loud, as she slide her hand down the front to see If I was wet after drink that pepsi    
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61-65, M
Feb 14, 2009