Bedroom Pee Again

I was at home on my laptop when I needed to pee. I turned on my phone as I wanted to capture myself in the act. I pulled down my jogging bottoms and my knickers and I moved everything in the corner of my room to one side so I had a perfect place to go. Then I put the phone on record and I started peeing. I peed all over the place, but then I heard my husband coming up the stairs. I thought, "Holy ****," I quickly ran to the bathroom grabbed some toilet paper and spread it on the floor. Luckily he didn't come in, infact he went to the loo. So i had time to clear it up and cover it with a big box and a bag. I put my knickers and jogging bottoms back on and then went on the laptop as if nothing had happened.

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4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I pee all over my house. It is so much fun and ease of life too. <br />
<br />
Do you do it often? You should tell your husband and ask him to indulge. Then it would be more fun for you.

wow, i couldn't be that bold. I'm glad you didn't get caught.

Did the trill of almost getting caught add to your excitement?

He he he... Holy **** indeed! I guess you've never been caught?