High School Curse - Locked Door Policy

For me, like many others I see, school was a nightmare for causing absolute bladder agony! About a year after I started my high school they adopted a policy of locking the toilets during lessons, only unlocking them at lunch or at the end of the day - not even at break! Seriously, not even a case of having to persuade a teacher to let you go - physically being locked out of the toilets. Well, for me and many others this caused some problems:  One upside of this was that even back then I really liked hearing/seeing someone really needing to go , but I hated when it was me. I had a very active bladder so needed to go about once an hour. I would get to lunch aching for a pee, in pain and dying to grab myself and double over. Sometimes I would have to concentrate really hard during the lesson before break, sometimes needing a thrust of my thighs together under the table, for a second of very slight releif of the feeling that really soon my muscles would give out and I would wet myself. When break came I sometimes had to get over to the sports centre - on teh other side of campus - as quickly as possile to use the toilets there. Winter was hard in this respect because as soon as the cold air gets around you, it can be twice as hard to hold it right?

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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

I would love it if I would have been to such a school.

Every day would be really horny lol.

my school is like that would have liked more detail though