When I Was Five Years Old (before I Got Into Diapers)

I remember when I was five, I decided to try on my brothers' diapers. They were both in them at the time and I hadn't been in them since I was three so I decided to try one on. I put one on and boy did it feel so uncomfortable. Sure I was able to fasten them but they felt tight so they were uncomfortable. I took that one off and put on another and boy was it tight. I never wore one again for a while.

But yet when I discovered pull ups, I used to wear them all the time but never used them. My mom said they were not diapers and were not made to pee in. I think that was a lie she told my brother so he wouldn't use them as diapers and for years I thought they were pull ups not diapers. Now I realize diapers do not mean they have tabs because there are different kinds of them. I wonder if Poise pads are diapers?

Just imagine if those diapers did feel comfortable on me at five years old, I may have turned into a diaper lover then that soon. But yet wearing pull ups was just something I did for a while and then stopped when I lost interest. Then when I was about seven and eight, I would occasionally put one on and pee in it and then take it off after a few minutes because I did not like being wet long. But I had no desires to wear diapers then and pull ups was not something I needed so I did it rarely. Maybe few times a year.

It was when I was nine when I got into diapers for real.
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I liked your story. It was 8 for me over plastic pants and then I bought my first box of diapers at 12.