My Life And Mtv

I remember being about 11 and  the only access to Mtv I had was when I had to hang out at my step-dad's work until my mom got off work. My step-dad worked as a firefighter and so if I wasn't helping him with some firehouse related chore, or if he was on call, I would hang out in the living quarters and watch TV.

I VIVIDLY remember Motley Crue- "Girls Girls Girls" maybe because my stepdad came in and turned it off and scolded me. I had no reference for what was going on, I just thought those dancers in the video were really beautiful, the epitome of cool and obviously being

Later on in Jr High I started spending every weekend at my best friend's house. We stayed up all night and would watch Head Banger's Ball and Alternative Nation. I remember being introduced to SoundGarden, PearlJam, Nirvana, and then Smashing Pumpkins, Lemonheads, Babes in Toyland, Primus and Hole...all via the TV in her living room. Those bands became the soundtrack for my teen age years and I feel like I grew up with them.

Today my son thinks MTV is about stupid game shows. I told him it was all about the music....and described the shows that used to air. He was amazed that that was how we discovered new music before internet. Whenever my boys show interest in a song or a band we go on youtube and look up videos, I still love that form of art so much.... I sure miss the days when you knew exactly when the show of the particular genre of music you liked would be on...I also miss hearing a song on the radio and then catching the video and falling in love with the band. Now days CMT is more about music than MTV.

BrokeElectrix BrokeElectrix
26-30, F
Jul 14, 2010