The Death Of Mtv

MTV was the greatest thing ever, was the greatest. Sorry I can't help myself, how do you start something based soley on music and end up becoming one big fake reality show? There is a much deeper question there, really there is...

The idea was great, It still is, hell Country Music Television is still just that. Any way you slice it, they have stayed true to their name and format even with the occasional "COUNTRY" movie. I never was much for VH1 but hell they sold out too and like it has been said here before, it's not like videos are not being made anymore, it's not even like talents, bands and idols are not being discovered if anything it has increased.

You don't even have to show videos all the time but at least keep your programming MUSIC related and I mean truly related. Music interviews, specials, special reports, parties, movies and programing dealing with music, I would love to see a Music History Channel or time devoted to the subject I mean for heavens sake, KISS even made movies, hehe... How did these MTV geniuses become such morons?

I Want My MTV BACK!!!
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Oct 2, 2010