So, a little while ago I was sitting with my remote in my hands, and I flipped through and past MTV. But then I flicked back again, cause I thought I heard music! Actual music coming from that channel. Or well, what seems to be so called music in the world of today, I don't always agree with pop-music. More on that later.. Yes, well I was shocked. When they send music videos on MTV these days you're extremely lucky to have caught the 10.5 mintues or so in which they play videos. Hurray! It was an old Red Hot Chili Peppers song, so I thought maybe they had some sort of theme going like they would do back in the day, and I figured that I had misjudged MTV all of sudden! But no.. One minute later, this song with Katy Perry comes on, where she sings about skintight jeans or something. I really don't get that song, and I don't like it. After that song is over, and I ran around doing some other stuff, I come back and some "reality" show is in. Teenage mom or 16 and pregnant I believe. Lovely! So on music channel Music Televison, you can watch a show about extremely young girls becoming mothers. Like I can't see that on the so-called "woman's channel" I pay same amount of money not to watch. Yes! I can. So well this is about when I gave up on MTV for the last time... If only it was as it used to be. A place where you could tune in and just watch music videos, or listen to well-known songs by your favourite artist. Now it's just pure bullshit and tv-shows about girls who turn 16, then these girls get pregnant, and then you can watch another show about some girl who goes to high-school but looks at least 25. Yeah well done MTV. At least, just so you don't confuse people who might not know about you're current state, you should change your name, cause a music channel.. Uh uh, you are NOT!!

Rant over.
VannaZanna VannaZanna
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I used to find new music via music channels. Muck TV was not one of them. Now all music video channels presents muck, hence current music must be muck since they won't play it. So I'm stuck in the 70's and 80's...

Yep I liked the old M TV too, I have not watched that ch in years just for that reason. But my music taste have change some now anyway. It would not be something I would watch very much now anyway. But it is fun to remember the good old day when it was just music.

Yeah exactly! And same for me, I don't care much for pop or.. hiphop or RnB really. It's rare.. I prefer good ol' rock and metal to be honest :)

think if enough people complain about them not playing music videos they might listen ..but then again nawwww why would they listen .

Yeah nah, don't think they'd ever listen. And I do think that someone already has complained about this, and often... It can't just be us or a minority who's sick of MTV. But meh... Now I kinda don't care much. I'll watch my vids elsewhere =)

I guess as long as the shows they play makes em money they will keep playing that garbage ,the only time i watch it is when beavis and butthead are on that's it .

Haha me too!

There seems to be no music in mtv call it gtv GarbageTV

I defenately think it should be called something else. Or just be taken off the air completely maybe!