I Want My Mtv Dire Straits

Oh, those were the dayz. From it's inception til about '86' I watched a lot of MTV. Indeed, the first few years until about '82' there were absolutely zero ads, not just no shows, and short-n-sweet-hosted, non-stop music videos 24/7/365. Really gets me how VH1's "ALL '80's" and other specials that feature the old vids hardly even show the long list of really good one's I remember from the early days.
For a brief period in the mid-to-late '90's VH1 ran some good vids that mimicked the early MTV days, though there were a lot of ads. The wife and I taped a lot of those vids on some old VHS cassette tapes. We break 'em out to watch when we're in the mood sometimes. But even those seem ancient by today's standards. I just can't relate to the stuff they run now on any of the half dozen odd, so-called music TV networks.
StereoDC StereoDC
41-45, M
Jul 27, 2012