My Exhibitionist (fully Naked) ************ Encounter With Maid

Hey I'm from india... i'm an exhibitionist.... this story....i was 13 yrs old..& i just had my first ******.. till then i was thinking to exhibit my full body to my maid (she is of the same age) & i eyed on a specific holiday..i knew the way she enter my house...i stood there..i heared her footsteps & striped my clothes in a hurry.. and i removed my underwear.& placed that underwear on my shoulder. Thus i was standing completely nude with my underwear on my shoulder.. & played some music aloud so that i could act i was not able to hear her coming.
Already i was on "Hard-on",with some pre-juices coming out. I took some vegetable oil & applied that on my parts.. over ****.. over balls.. all of them glowed in oil...I noticed she was about to open the door..& i started stroking very rigorously so that huge sound came out.I posed myself,so that she could my whole **** and balls clearly (fully oiled). On seeing me stroking, she stared staring at me surprisingly. I ran away to the door nearby & hided as if the encounter happened accidently. I hided myself half only & tried to take my underwear by extending my leg. Now she could see my whole hot *** with the balls from my backside..almost my whole half of body,except my **** against the door...On seeing my struggle to get my underwear, she laughed a little.
I said "I don't feel shy,I'm hiding just to make u feel free" and Came out facing her at one feet gap, I took some oil and applied them. I started stroking heavily with my other hand rubbing my balls...starring at her...watching her curves..I jerked off completely in a matter of minutes.I wore the underwear with muuch of masculinity (Haven't had before).She left the place silently with smile at her face.....Now after many days(5 years), I'm expecting to work-out with her...Hopefully,i'll give that story soon...
Rooben Rooben
22-25, M
Dec 8, 2012