I used to watch Mtv all the time !! The videos held my attention constantly. Now, all there is is reality shows, game shows, talk shows, and etc. You name it and its on there. Everything except for the videos. I used to stay up all night and watch the videos. I miss that....whatever happened to the world of videos ? Its very puzzling. Mtv was all about its went to reality and all that is supposedly the norm now. Bring it back Mtv......please!!!!
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4 Responses Nov 24, 2007

I agree with you, I wish they would bring the old MTV back. They think people don't like to watch music videos. Now when I turn to MTV all I see is reality TV shows.

Youre right Metalhead hun!!! I am a doofus!!! lmao

Actually.....I cant recall....Do you remember???

Of course Metalhead....I may have to follow your lead and head to Youtube!!! I miss the almighty music video!