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My Girlfriend Dressed Me As A Girl

I had been out with my girlfriend for a night and we planned for me to stay at hers as her mother was away for the weekend with her new boyfriend i was watchig her pour us a glass of wine each and thought how nice she looked in in her black skirt teamed with sheer black tights and high heels and a pink low cut blouse as i had only known her for a month and only seen her in jeans or  trousers her legs looked loveley encased in the sheer black hose their shape accentuated by the wearing of the high heels she put the the telly on and sat down on the sofa beside me crossed her legs and her skirt rode up to reveal the pantie section of her tights we drank our wine kissed and cuddled for a while me carressing her legs trying to go higher up her skirt but having my hand pushed back she eventually stood up took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom this would be our first time i got undressed to my pants as she slipped off her blouse and skirt and sat on the bed in her pink bra black tights with lacey pink panties over them i asked why she was wearing her panties over her tights and not under them as  i had believed that most woman wore them underneath she said i do i've got two pairs on i asked why she said one pair to cover her up and the other to hold her tights up as she found that  one size tights was to large for her petite frame demonstrating by pulling the waistband up over her bra and breasts then she slipped the pink panties off to reveal little white cotton panties underneath her tights there she said happy now you seem very interested in womans underwear bet you like  wearing it don't you i blushed thought so she said but not tonight we've got more important  buisness to get on with she rolled down her tights slightly removed her bra then pulled her tights up over her breasts and under her armpits like that do you would you like me to keep them on yes i said as i looked down at the enormous bulge in my pants.
We both got into bed and i caressed her body through the nylon rudbbing her cotton and nylon clad crotch until it was soaking as i thought she was ready i peeled off her panties and tights as she pulled my pants off placed myself over her and she wrapped her legs around my back and i entered her she writhed and groaned with pleasure at each thrust we were at it for hours she orgasmed about three times we eventually wore ourselves out and collapsed our bodies entwined we slept till about 6 oclock she took a bath while i was shaving she was shaving her legs and told me to get in the bath and she proceeded to shave my legs we both got out dried off and went into her bedroom and she slipped a pair of her white silky panties on me they were quite tight then she dressed in her white bra pants and tan tights and took me into her mothers room sat me on the bed went to her mothers dresser and came back with some sheer black tights wich she rolled up my legs and pulled  up over my waist then she got a garment i had never seen before it was a white pantee corselette she said her mother wore them alot and had quite a collection and it would give me a nice shape she helped me into it pulling it up over my body the firm control panel at the front pulled in my stomach as it was pulled up over my chest and the straps were slipped over my shoulders it was quite tight but felt very nice we'll let you get used to that while i get something to fill them cups out she said as she left the room she came back with some water filled balloons which she then placed in the corselettes lacey cups god they were cold on my chest then she put a cream full slip over my head and pulled it down over my body until the deep lace hem was above my knees she sat in front of the dressers mirror and set about applying foundation blusher mascara eye shadow and lipstick she then cllipped some little pearl earings on my ears and led me over to a wardrobe where on the top shelf were several wigs on stands take your pick i was told i opted for a shoulder lenghth wavey blonde one nice choice its mums favourite it was pulled on my head adjusted and combed through then she helped me into a black knee length length pencil skirt and white long sleeved blouse and put some black high heeled court shoes on my feet which were a bit tight  there finished have a look in the mirror she said while i must admit the transformation was amazing i looked like a woman as she was just in her undies she went into her room to get dressed i practised walking in the high heels occassionally admiring myself in the full length mirror she came back in a pink skirt and black blouse and black high heeled shoes we went down stairs and had some breakfast we spent the rest of the morning her teaching me how to walk and sit i was taken into the garden it was quite a thrill to feel a cool breeze wafting up my skirt well i practiced most of the afternoon walking in the heels and got used to them but i compalined the shoes were to small and hurting my feet we'll sort that out later she said i also said i had great problems fastening up the corselettes hook and eye crotch after using the toilet something else to deal with before our night out this evening she said what do you mean i said well as i'm quite pleased you look and can behave as a woman we are going out to a posh italian restaurant in town but first i'm popping down the road to get some things off a friend of mine she's more your size she said well she left and i just pottered around in my female attire awaiting her return for our evening out thats another story
daverick daverick 51-55, M 8 Responses Jul 9, 2011

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Just WOW! To find a girl so happy to take you and dress you!

sounds like such fun

What an amazing experience! :)

What a wonderful story and experience for you. I can hardly wait to hear the rest of the story ... do tell!

how many ****** you have ..if she dress me like you ill be all time completly wet and my clitty be realy clitty ... love your story

your story really turned me on. wish u were here..

You are one lucky guy

Loved the story, and hope you've written more!