Meeting The Duke Boys

I remember when my husband and I went and saw the Duke Boys and Cledus in London, Kentucky. It was the first time that I have went to Kentucky and I was really excited. I remember we stopped at the first visitor center that was just a few miles across the boarder. We didn't realize that London was throwing a Chicken Festival event that same day that we arrived in Kentucky. The man that worked at the visitor center said that that just like 30 miles down the road is London, Kentucky and they're having their Worlds Chicken Festival in honour of Kernal Sanders and that the Duke Boys were going to be there and doing autographs. We got there and found out not only was the Duke Boys there but Cledus was there too and we got to take our picture with Cledus and later with the Duke Boys and got all of their autographs too!!! I remember my husband going back and carrying on a conversation with Cledus and Cledus ended up remember our names and remembering who we were like we had been life time friends. That day was an awesome vacation day for us! I was getting to be in a new state that I had never seen before and getting to walk the streets of London, Kentucky and enjoying all the festivities that were going on and got to meet the Duke Boys and Cledus!!! It was so awesome that the next day we went and got my sister who also never been to Kentucky and had never meet the Duke Boys before and me and my husband had a blast all over again!! Those were two great days!!!

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Thanks 4vrUnique! :)

I love Seredipitous occasions too. I'm glad you had a great time and carry a great memory!