I Do Not Like The Upgraded Version

It was a lot less confusing then.  You never had to mistake them for a magazine.  Plus, all the wasted pages of junk and advertisements are annoying.  There are less TV listings and more of whatever else.  You should be able to choose which version you want to buy.  I understand that doing that makes more people who are interested in those things buy them, but I certainly do not like them very much.  I can never seem to find the nighttime listings.  I don't buy it anymore, so, maybe it has changed.  Of course I do not need it anymore because I do not watch television much. 
18-21, F
1 Response May 31, 2010

It doesn't embody its name anymore. It's supposed to tell you what's on TV at a given time...I find the online cable TV listings more useful. Although I used to enjoy the articles 'back in the day' its disappointing that they have it over vs the TV listings.