Tv Guide-then And Now

From 1974 until 2005, I was a regular reader of TV Guide magazine.

I too enjoyed reading it, for the articles and for the local TV listings; I  especially enjoyed the yearly "Fall Preview" issue; I could learn about the new shows; and the changes in returning shows-like when a cast member was leaving a show, or a new cast member was being added; or if one or more of my favorite game shows were changing hosts!

Up until 1985, TV Guide could easily print in a small, less expensive format, since there were fewer channels. When cable television service really took off in 1985, TV Guide started printing listings for cable channels as well as local channels.

Eventually, there were too many channels and pieces of program information to fit into a small package.

As many of you know, since 2005, TV Guide has been published in a larger format, with more emphasis on "behind the scenes" features, and fewer listings, listing only the prime-time schedules for broadcast networks and cable channels.

To get local listings, a television viewer needs to go a website, like, where you enter your town and zipcode.

I do miss having a publication with local listings; however, as I alluded to earlier, there are just too many channels to fit into a small publication.

One of the fun things about looking through old issues of TV Guides were various persons on the cover, with a related story inside!

As the television industry changed, it necessitated TV Guide to change as well!

jrhanold jrhanold
46-50, M
Feb 25, 2010