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A Bathing Experience I Will Never Forget!

I remember this incident when I was having a bath with my boyfriend, we both were then 7 years old and he was giving me a bath. So technically I was naked and he was wearing his underwear. He was soaping all over my body while I had closed my eyes and was sitting in the warm water tub. When I opened my eyes I saw that the whole water in the tub had turned yellow. When I looked up, I saw that my boyfriend was holding his penis and a warm stream of golden liquid was coming out of the tip of the penis. My boyfriend told me that he could not hold his pee so he just did it right there! I found this very funny and so I came out of the water, stood beside him, stretched my small vagina and let the warm flow come out. Suddenly, I heard a laugh behind me. It was my little sister! She had took her phone and recorded a video of what we were doing for the past 5 minutes. Then she told me that if I ever said anything rude about her, she would show the video to my mom!
P.S.- Do you have any idea as to how to to sneak into her room and delete the video from her phone? If you help me I will love you!
sarah4444 sarah4444 16-17, F 13 Responses May 14, 2012

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If she leaves on table steal and delete the video

Omg same I always did u should message me pls

When i was five, we had a house in Texas, that had a small cinder-block wading pool (with no water in it) in the back yard. The neighbor girl, who was about the same age, and I were caught once on our knees both peeing side by side in that pool. A glorious yellow attempt to fill it up out of our own bodies, I guess ! LOL -- I've had a fascination with pee coming out of anyone ever since!

Perhaps you can listen real close to hear when she might be ************, then sneak your own phone so you can shoot her doing it. Fighting fire with fire, sort of ;-)

So you needed another bath, to washed yourself clean again.

Well just watch you sister on her phone and turn it off in front of her then shell put the pass back in and ill know it for when u have time to delete the vid.( if she tells u to close ur eyes just close them abit)

Sounds like you had fun.

This was 10 years ago? Your sister was younger then 10 and had a camera cell phone? Have you actually seen the video? How would your mom care at this point?

First of do it at night
This may take a while but every night try all the possible combinations
I'd say a month and you'd crack it unless your sister changes it

Wait til she goes to a class or somthing and sneak In or get it from her locker

Tell her it's illegal to show the video to anyone, because it is!

Maybe tell her you need the phone on a day your both having phone and get her there

U can pull the memory card out of it and put it into ur phone and delete it from urs

wait until she either leaves her phone on the ground or wait till she is asleep or away from it... then when she isnt looking grab it and delete it... or you could also just grab it from her and delete it infront of her ... but while deleting it makesure she does not get it back

There is a problem because she has a password to unlock the phone and I don't know what it is.

most phones with a lock like that... u can hook it ti the computer to upgrade and just do a clean whipe. then its gone. also some times if u slip a micro sd in it and reboot. it will sent the vids and mp3s ro the chip. take the chip out annd bang you got it