The 45 Rpm Record

When I was about 3, I was addicted to the pacifier.  This was back in the 50's when pacifers were enlongated, made of rubber, and had a ridge around the end for holding the rest of the pacifier together.  One day, the plastic part of the pacifier broke and I was left with only the rubber.  I was upset cause I couldn't suck on it without the whole thing going down my throat. 

My Mother was very creative not to mention my whining was pretty annoying.  She had to act fast.  AhHa  Mother decided an old 45 record, the ones with a small hole in the midde, would work perfectly.  She took the nipple of the pacifier and fit the ridge into the hole of th 45.  Perfect -  except the thing covered my whole face.  I started crying again because I couldn't see.  How ridiculous I must have looked with this 45 record covering my face while I sucked the pacifier.  

After breaking the top half of the record off, I had a makeshift pacifier until the stores opened.  All's well that ends well.

I barely remember this but Mother filled in the holes.  lol

God bless. 
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In the 50's, some of the 45'sw had small holes like the 33. I will try to upload a pic. Thanks for the comments.

It must have been a 33rpm record. The 45 has a much bigger hole.

That was such a fun read and it was such a nice thing to remeber. Your Mum was definitely very creative.

Amazing mom,,, I was once a thumb sucker till I was 7. One day I felt something yucky on my thumb... remembering now, my mom put garlic paste wrapped around a plaster on my thumb. I stopped thumb sucking on an instant!! Now with my daughter I refused having her suck her thumb of using pacifier, I gave her soft doll after she is eight now she is with a blankie...

my wife and I play 'mommy' occasionally, with her doing something quite like what your mommy did for you.....except we use DVD's.....she's got really big, long, nipples and forces one through the hole and I happily suckle away. Happy times indeed

That was cool your mom was in tune to ur needs

Sweet old pacifier addiction, ahh :) makes adult addictions look kinda different...

A very sweet memory of what was, for you, a very bad situation! Top marks for your Mother's ingenuity in trying to get around the problem. I have a visual of how you describe the situation ... and it's very funny ... lol. Nice to get on here and read something that's a dear memory to you, something that was traumatic at the time and (as most memories are) something you cann look back and have a good laugh at. Thank you for sharing this!! :-)<br />
<br />

Its amazingly sweet the things we remember what our moms did for us. God Bless you and Thank you for remembering and sharing this story.

Not that there is CD's....Wonder what my daughter will do when he son breaks his Binkie.....But with Bill as a husband....I think that a washer...(nut and bolt kind....not the cloths type) or Duct tape will have something to do with it....I mean he is a man after all....And they seem to think that Duct tape is the Be-all...and far as fixing things goes

Yes, I used to think that the selfless love of the mother is <br />
the examplary pattern of true love.<br />
Your story is an empowerment to my conviction.<br />
Hail to all mothers.<br />
Hail to the communities that provide good education to all girls,<br />
who will naturally become mothers.

Ya.. My mum made her own cane. An instrument of punishment. The one that when landed on your butt you will never forget what you did was wrong. Hahaha.

I can just imagine this scene. Thanks for the laugh and for sharing this story with us.

lol yes she is. She's been putting up with my whining for 53 years. baha

puts new meaning to the phrase " necessity is the *mother* of invention"<br />
<br />
YOUR mother is an amazing woman !