I Remember...

.., when I was around 9 years old, my mom took me to a free concert. It was my first concert ever and it's stuck with me my entire life. The one song I always go back to was the one I shall post here now. The chorus of it has remained a part of my heart and soul ever since, and is quite capable of making me feel like that little 9 year old, who was so happy on that day. I wanted to share it with you all as a way of thanking everyone who's ever touched my life in a positive manner. Many of you are included in that grouping. It's also to serve as a reminder to those who'd like to bring negativity into my life, that no matter how hard they try, or how successful they might be for that short while, that I will always come bouncing back up. Like a little superball, bouncing recklessly about, placing smiles upon the faces of those I meet. All of those wonderfully random people I meet deserve to smile, just as much as I do. This song helped me see it way back then, just as much as it does today.

My heart is currently Open For Business !

As always

Be well

Live happy

Die trying

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4 Responses May 16, 2012

Aww, I missed this one too..... So sweet..... You are such a nice guy Rob!!

Don't they say nice guys finish last ...?

I'm gonna have to work on a mean streak, or something.


Thank You, Mahal, for liking this. I had forgotten I wrote this.

I love this . . . very charming . . . thank you for sharing that . . . 8D

Some memories are worth sharing. This was one of those.

charming! ☼

I'm very glad you enjoyed this. It's one of the happy memories of my childhood.