I Went For A Lil Trip Through Some Memories

I opened a folder I haven't opened for almost a year! I found really interesting stuff and non-interesting stuff! Interesting were mainly stuff I made earlier for some awesome friends and some stuff for myself (I used to do stuff for myself someday lol)

From the very interesting stuff I found were two stories I co-wrote with EP member "missgaga" in April last year. I miss those days. --{{{Whoah the new EP story sort thing is super cool, I found the thing in less than half a minute}}}---
EP Link               ----{{{We wrote one more but I can't find it :/  }}}----

A pic of a car that I was working on then someone inspired a color for it and then it was dedicated for her, EP memeber "Floydess". That was in April also, and it was the only car I've put in presents' paper cords.

Another car pic from a drawing I was working on, the whole thing took me 5 month to finish, from October 2011 to March 2012. It was real much for one piece. Anyway that was made for EP memeber "Vvictorique" (I dunno nothing about her since June unfortunately, hopefully she's ok) --{{{If you wanna see the whole piece which involved like 3 or 4 more cars besides the truck, you can see it in my albums in here}}}--

So what I found about me was a lil biography I wrote about myself when I was just 16 in 2010 before I find about EP, it's dated 7-8-2010! I'm not gonna share it now :P Maybe just maybe I'm a lil embarrassed to show it :P lol I only shared it with one person long ago.

{{{There's more stuff in other places for more people :P I swear lol }}}

About the non-interesting stuff they were just a pic (a pic of a lil paper including a letter) and some love letters that were made for my ex. I feel like setting it on fire, I don't even know why I have them till now.


This is all the trip.
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wow....you sure can store stuff.....even i do that.... :) keep it up deariezz...