Repost from May 20:
I first learned about sex. I wrote about this somewhere else but figured it deserved its own experience. I am 30 and somewhere between the ages of nine and eleven, I found Internet **** for the first time. Lets just say it rocked my world. I grew up in a very religious community and the Internet was still relatively new in consumer circles. My family was always one of the first to have a PC as it was the backup for my father's office (we even had a commodore back in the day). This was around 20 years ago, back then we had 28k modem to dial into the internet (CompuServe was our service provider).

Before **** I thought sex was french kissing naked as it was depicted in most movies and tv. Additionally to my knowledge my community did not have a secret stash of nudy-mags in the woods like many other towns had. To this day I have never had the birds and the bees/safe sex discussion with my parents; it was just understood that Jewish boys don't do that until they get married.

Once I saw ****, everything ****** up in the world started to make sense to me. I was like " hmm so everything revolves around sex and money"
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