People who boasted of high IQs and intelligence could actually spell and use grammar properly.

I'm amazed these days that some believe that their alleged IQ should not also include ensuring their sentences are structured and clearly convey their intentions of their written piece, rather than what looks like a hurriedly put together piece of nonsense.

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There are people who use their phones to message and respond on this site. People like me aren't as good as they should be with the phone key board. Plus the smaller screen makes it harder to proof read. Frankly that shouldn't be an excuse.
I can understand why this is upsetting. English is a beautiful language when it is used correctly. It is also a very difficult language to speak and write correctly. With that being said, come on people let's at least try to come across like we know our stuff.

THANK YOU!!! I was just going to post something on the same subject. I also get tired of seeing the English language butchered: "I noze that!" "Let me axe you a question." "Where you be?" AAAHHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the rare double in high school. My SAT Score and class rank were the same. Oh yea!

u remember when i kissed ur lips?

Too true!