I was a young PFC, fresh out of MOS school, and going on 3 months in Oki and one day at work, an NCO was talking to another Marine, and as I was passing by he stops me and asks "Hey (says my last name) do you have any black in you?, and me being the naive clueless person that I was replied "No Sgt" with a confused look. He bursts out laughing, along with the other Marine and says "well, do you want any?" I felt foolish because I still had no idea what was so funny, so I just shook my head, said "no I'm good Sgt", and went on my way. It wasn't until a few days later that the other Marine explained to me what the NCO meant. Suffice it to say, I was not impressed.
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Ya that's an old one. Hopefully you ignored that dude the rest of your time on that island.

semper fi

Thank you for your service. As far as that NCO goes, he should have been reported. There is no place for that type of BS in the military. As a prior service Officer, I would never stand for that type of treatment of my soldiers from anyone, inside or outside my unit. You deserve more respect than that - all women deserve more respect than that!

Damn you could of so had his *** for sexual harassment with that statement. Especially with him being an NCO he could have been toast if you wanted.


Are you still in

No, got out 3 years ago.

Cool how many years did you do? BTW thanks for your service! I'm a vet too.

I only did 4 ...definitely regret getting out lol

Thank you for your service too!

I did 41/2 active 10 more guard and reserve wished I finished. I got extended the half year because of the gulf war (Desert Shield Desert Storm).

do u miss it?

But When I got out I took a civilian DOD job so its kind of like I really didn't get out I just have better pay and more freedom and less rules.

Add me we can chat some more sometime. :)

I wanted to do that! lol but there aren't a whole lot of opportunities around here for that.

Where are you?


I'm in Maine.

Yeah I hear ya I grew up in New England I had to get my job in Oklahoma. Depending what you do there might be stuff in Conn. Or Mass. or R.I. with the Navy.

I have talked to many Marines who regret getting out, myself included.

Yea...most are so sure they won't have any regrets lol

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