Memories Of Yesterday And Today

Hopefully the rest of the days ahead will be just like it was today. The sun was out, clear blue skies, and a gentle wind was greatly enjoyed! (laugh) It was such a shock to receive snow on the first day of Spring and I was really wondering what was going on with Mother Nature after looking out my window, rubbing my eyes, and looking again just to find it really was snow out thereon the ground. It was crazy and I was so disappointed. I began to think that it was like all of the disappointments in life when we expect one thing and then get something entirely different. But, when that happens, (when we finally get what we were wanting) well.... we really appreciate it even more. I think! (laugh) I hope anyway.

    Today, was like the first day of spring for me. I uncovered the riding lawn mower, changed the oil, filled it with gas and took off for a long, awaited ride. Memories started flooding back when my grandson would pretend the lawn mower and the wagon behind it was a Pirates ship, the green earth was really the green sea and the trees were bad people that were after us.  He would hold a sick up in the air, pretending it was a fearless sword and his peanut butter sandwich became a fresh, caught fish. Even though, today, the lawn mower was no longer a pirate ship, but just a way to keep the lawn from looking like a jungle, I still felt like I was sailing the ocean green and so thankful I had the opportunity to experience that long ago day, when I was sailing with Captain Hook (Justice, my grandson) for a whole day. Memories, how wonderful some of them are!  

    I did get a lot done today and the fresh air did not leave me sleepy, but rejuvenated from a very long winter. I suppose, tomorrow on my agenda, I will be baking fresh bread. I have not done that in a very long time. Rolling the dough into little white canon balls and using a spoon as a canon. Yes, that is a total other story and I will not bore you with it, but it was such fun! (laugh) 

Dance like no one's watching. Love as if you've never been hurt. Kiss as if you've never kissed before. Sing as if no one can hear. Write as if the ink is endless. Write as if no one's looking over your shoulder. Live as though heaven is on Earth. And Never regret what made you smile!

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4 Responses Apr 6, 2010

Cute story. I just smile when I see that a writer enjoys the life events that compel the story to take word form. ~~smile~~<br />
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Writer suggestion: wouldn't the flying doughs balls have a more visual impact if catapulted from a spoon (something you have in your hand) rather than "fired" from a cannon? that is what I saw anyways; no matter what was "in word", my imagination took over...just a thought.

Thank you for your very nice comment. Yes, someday I will write about the cannon balls. (smile) Have a wonderful day.

You write wonderfully Journalwriter :) I was brought back into those memories with you. Justice sounds like a very cool fellow!<br />
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I too would love to read about the cannonballs made of dough with a spoon to fire them one day.

I love your story. It's so imaginative. Great job.<br />
And yes, I would love to read about the little white cannonballs and the cannon. <br />
Maybe<br />
Someday<br />
Hopefully<br />
Soon. <br />
<br />
Blessings to you